Friday, April 20, 2007

Fashion Friday Auction for Lilly Lu

Oops. I'm running late getting photos and bidding instructions up, but Rocky is up and about tonight and he promised to do it for me tomorrow morning. This CEO stuff is too hard! I'm going back to being the Spokesmodel!! ~~Lucy

Hello from Lucy! Rocky still isn't feeling well, so he has put me in charge of organizing an event to help my fellow Pink Lady Lilly Lu. As we Pink Ladies say, "All for one and one for all!" Lilly is having a very difficult time. She has serious liver and kidney problems, and if medicine doesn't help her liver within 48 hours, it will be even more serious and her Mama Laura will have to decide whether or not to put Lilly through a liver biopsy.

So I'm planning a special Pink Fashion Auction to help pay Lilly Lu's vet bills so she can get all the care she needs. I've checked Artsy Catsy headquarters for everything pink. I found lots of pink beads, so the human artists are making some pink bookmarks, cell phone charms and KEY CHAINS. We'll have photos of them on our blog by tonight.

Then I looked through my own things, and I want to contribute my very own Pink Lady headband/collar/toy.. Here I am modeling it as both a collar and a toy ... and humans can wear it too: And I'm going to give up my pink blanket for the auction, too. It's only been used for one day, and my mom has washed it, so it's as good as new.

I'll keep perusing for pink, and we'll post pictures and bidding instructions later today, so please come back and see me. In the meantime, Pink Lady Tara is having a commentathon to help Lilly Lu, and has posted a beautiful message on her blog, so please visit her today!

If any other kitties are having events for Lilly Lu, please let me know so we can all link to each other!


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

What a fabulous idea Lucy! I am keeping Lilly Lu in my prayers and sending healing purrs her way.

I hope Rocky feels better soon!

Carolina Cats said...

Ohhh, Miss Lucy, what a nise idea! Owr mom loves pink as much as Lilly Lu, so we're going to see if we haf anyfing we cood aukshun off too. I fink mom wood like to get that piink coller thingy you have - but she wood ware it on a pony-tale.

Keep up the good werk and tell Rocky we hope he feels better.

Yore frends Finny & Buddy

Daisy said...

What a wonderful idea! Lucy, you are so sweet to donate some of your wonderful pink things. I love your pretty pink collar/toy. How do you bid? Just make a bid in the comment section?

Artsy Catsy said...

Daisy, we will put bidding instructions up this evening when we put up the photos. I'll add that to my blog post right now. Thank you for pointing this out - without CEO Rocky's guidance I seem to have put the kart before the kitty!!


Tara said...

Oh Lucy, what a fabulous pink lady you are! All of you at Artsy Catsy are so generous! Huggs, purrs, headbutts to all!

Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

I think you're very giving and very sweet and Mommy will be checking back later. HMMMM, I wonder if my lovely Pounce likes pink? I could get her a gift!

Karen Jo said...

This is a great idea, Lucy. I'll check back later for the instructions. I hope Rocky feels better soon and that Lilly Lu responds well to her medication.

Tiger Lily said...

I hope Rocky feels better soon. You're doing a very good job taking over for him. I'll be back to see how to bid.

Anonymous said...

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