Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween everyone!!!
~~ from Rocky & the staff
Would The Great Pumpkin lie to you? We really are back this time ... no trick, and we hope you'll consider it a treat! Wow, there's so much to catch up on in the Cat Blogosphere. I invite you all to comment here and fill me in on what I've been missing! I mean, I'm The Great Rocky, the CEO Rocky, and I have to be in the know, ya know?

Things have been even crazier than usual around here. I've been spending 24 hours a day trying to keep my human artists' spirits up. I won't go into every gruesome detail because I am SO ready to put all this behind us and get back to work.

One of the major disasters is that my human artist Sharolyn almost had to dress up for Halloween with a white cane! In September, she had to have emergency surgery on both eyes because she developed narrow angle glaucoma in them and the ophthamologist said she would go permanently blind in days or even hours without it. I was horrified!! I ask you, would a life without gazing upon my splendiferous visage be a life worth living?

Well, thank goodness she's not blind, but she's had problems since the surgery. It affected the vision in one eye and she sees flashy white streaks in it. I keep telling her she's probably just seeing me streaking around the house, but she says her white streak isn't as FAT as I am! Humph, I get no respect.

Then right after her surgery, her cousin had a ruptured brain aneurism and underwent major brain surgery, so my human was out of town for awhile. Fortunately, her cousin had a fast recovery and is back at home.

But we do have some good news: Our dead catalpa tree trunk is sprouting new trees like crazy: Okay, enough about us! Now I have to get this stupid pumpkin off my paw so I can start surfing everycat's blog and say hi to all our friends and see if everyone is okay!