Thursday, October 30, 2008


Rocky: WHOA!! Did Mr. Milky shrink?
Mittens: Nope! My name is Mittens; I was rescued by your AlmostDad Jim and your Artsy Catsy mom is kittysitting me today and I'm going to bite your big nose because I'm not afraid of you ...
... and I'm not afraid of you either, Fracas!
... and I'm not afraid of you, Artsy Catsy mom!
... and I'm not even afraid of falling off this bed!


Mittens: Oops.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Widebody Mr. Milky

Mr. Milky: Look at me - I used to be a narrowbody, but after feasting at Artsy Catsy for a few months, I'm now an official Widebody!
I'm going to be feasting here a little while longer before I move into my furever home with my new dad Stan. He has some business to take care of first so he can be home with me lots when I move in. But he told me he has already fixed up the house for me, with new food bowls, toys, a nice new litter pan, a scratching post ... everything a kitty could need!

I'm going to miss Artsy Catsy (except for the cat staff!) but DadStan lives just down the street from them, so my Artsy Catsy moms can visit me often. And DadStan says I can have sleepovers at Artsy Catsy whenever I want!

Life is SOOO good for me now!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We're Back!!

Rocky: Humph. The human artists got home last night after leaving us for four days to market Artsy Catsy creations at a cat show. As CEO of this operation I approved this marketing strategy, but it is NOT necessary for our slaves to leave us for FOUR days when the cat show was only TWO days! So I've made it my personal task to stand guard over their overnight cases to prevent them from doing this again ...

I've missed you all SO much, and just as soon as I get some updating out of the way, I'm going to be stopping by to see you all! I can't wait!

First, I want to let you know that Mr. Milky hasn't moved in with Stan yet, so he's still with us. And pretty soon he's going to be as big as me! We're still planning his going away party, so I'll keep you updated!

Next, I want to show you some pictures from the cat show ... but be warned - some of them are really irritating! For instance, just look at the Rocky impersonators who were there trying to steal my mom away from me ...

Oh sure, this one has some black spots, but he's still trying to impersonate me:

And even though this one smooshed his face, he's still trying to impersonate me: There was even a Mr. Milky impersonator:

And a Lux impersonator!

When they weren't drooling over these imposters, the human artists displayed some of our new products. We're going to put them all up for Christmas shopping in a few days on, and each week donate 10% of the proceeds to the Cat Blogosphere kitty who needs it most. Here's a sneak preview ...



Fun artwork like this LITTER PAN SCREEN ...
Lots of new bookmarks, cell phone charms, ceiling fan pulls, keychains ...

... and hairbands and jewelry and lots more, coming up in just a couple of days! We can't wait to show you and try to raise some funds for our friends in need ... but right now I need to go help my human artist unpack the car and then I'm heading straight for the Cat Blogosphere to check up on all my friends and come over to visit you!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Going Away Party for Mr. Milky

Mr. Milky: I've found a wonderful furever home! Later this week I'm going to move in with my new dad Stan, a good friend of my Artsy Catsy moms. I've had a wonderful life here at Artsy Catsy the last three months ... just look at me when I first came here begging for help ...
And look at me now! ...
But now it's time for me to move into my very own furever home, with my very own furever dad Stan - where I'll be the only pet and get ALL the attention! Stan lives very near Artsy Catsy so my moms can visit me all the time. And Stan travels often, so when he's out of town I get to stay at the Artsy Catsy Bed & Breakfast!!

And Rocky and the Artsy Catsy staff are going to throw a BIG GOING AWAY PARTY for me! A few months ago I wasn't even sure I was going to survive, and now I get to have a party in my own honor! Ahhh, life is good!

As soon as we know my moving date, we'll announce my party here, and all my fantastic new friends who helped me back to health are invited ... so stay tuned!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A home for Milky?

Rocky: I have nothing to do but take it easy because the human artists are still beading themselves into oblivion for the upcoming cat show. Humph ... as you can see, they're too busy to even make my bed ...Oh, but the good news is, we might have a wonderful furever home for Milky Thing!!Last night our friend Stan came to visit, and when the Thing jumped into his lap it was love at first sight! Stan is a professor at the University who loves cats, but hasn't had any of his own since his 17-year-old kitty had to go to the Bridge a few years ago. So Milky Thing will get his undivided attention. He lives near us on a cul-de-sac with no traffic so Milky can even go outside and wander in Stan's beautiful gardens.

If Milky lives with Stan, my human artists can visit him all the time and Stan travels a lot, so when he's out of town, I gave them my permission to let Milky stay in my living room whenever Stan is gone. Stan will let us know for sure in a few days ... so everybody cross your paws!!!!

Oh, I also thought you might like to see a preview of a few of the new items I've had my human artists working on for the cat show. We'll have lots of these up on our gallery blog for sale in November!

Wine charms & napking rings ...

(We donated this set to Deb & ML's Auctions) Eyeglass holder necklaces ...

Hair bands ...

Jewelry sets ...

Have an easy Sunday, everyone!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In Trouble Tuesday!

Fracas: YIKES! I've been caught in the act!!
Sheesh. Milky has taken over my living room, the human artists have taken over my dining room to get ready for the Indianapolis Cat Show, the rest of the staff has taken over my bedroom ... so the only place I can find to nap is the dish drainer! All right already, calm down, I'm getting out. I guess I'll go nap in the bathtub.