Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We're Back Wednesday!!

Rocky here, with the whole staff to greet all our dear friends! Please forgive us for dropping out of sight ... but I want you to know it wasn't we cats' fault ... the human artists were the problem! We faithful felines would never abandon you like this for a whole month!

There are so-o-o-o many things to tell you -- both sad and happy -- but rather than wear out my big pink paws and give you all eyestrain, I'll start with one thing today and continue the sorry saga tomorrow.

Sad stuff first ... The humans disrupted everything for two weeks with their dillydallying around about the gigantic toppling catalpa tree in our backyard. (Since they insist on calling me "RockyBlocky", I've renamed Sharolyn and Suzanne "Dilly" and "Dally".)

Finally I put down my paw and hissed, "Hey, Dilly & Dally, stop sitting around wringing your hands over the $2,000 estimates, bite the bullet and down the darned tree before it wipes us all out and we'll NEVER blog again!!" So finally on Aug. 12 they did ... and for two terrible days we had a thundering yard full of bucket trucks and dump trucks and cranes and chippers and chain saws.

After the tree was gone, the humans went into a depression because the tree was over 100 years old and their mama loved that tree and now there's no shade in the yard and the lawn is fried. And without the tree we can't sleep because the streetlights blind us in bed at night and the sun scorches us during the day.

It really is sad ... look at all the shade in our yard in May, before that second bolt of lightning hit our tree ... And at the end of the catalpa's demise, we were left with this ....

Now that I have everyone thoroughly depressed, including myself, I'll wait until tomorrow to tell you about all the fleas and the ferals and the calf that went over the Bridge ... then it's on to the good, happy news .... I promise!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm proclaiming tomorrow


... so watch us get back in action!!!