Sunday, August 31, 2008

Easy Like Sunday?

Rocky: We're doing our best to have an Easy Sunday after a rough few days. The humans have been snuggling us and pampering us like crazy after what has happened to poor Mr. Milky. They're letting us break all the rules. Look what they let me do last night at dinner ....And even though we're allowed back into our living room since Mr. Milky is hospitalized, it feels kinda sad in there. It's a holiday weekend so we haven't talked to Dr. Shew yet today, but he would have called us if there were bad news.

I told my mom we should share some photos she took of Mr. Milky just a couple of hours before he suffered the stroke. He looked so much better, and so happy, snuggling on the couch with Jim ...As much as he doesn't like me, I sure hope he gets well and happy again ... and then maybe we can get to be friends. And I want to thank all our wonderful friends for caring so much about us and for helping us help Mr. Milky. I would like to come give purrs and headbutts to all of you in person!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mr. Milky Update

Sat. Aug. 30: First, I want to thank all of you for the huge outpouring of love and support you've given us. I don't know how I ever survived day-to-day life without all of my wonderful friends in the Cat Blogosphere!

I just spoke with Dr. Shew, and the somewhat good news is Milky is no worse. He kept him fully sedated yesterday to keep him calm, then brought him out of the sedation early this morning. He's still too dizzy to stand and walk without falling, and he still has nystagmus (eyes darting back and forth), but Dr. Shew says he thinks it may be slightly less severe. And he doesn't think Milky is in a lot of pain. He also said he doesn't see any signs of permanent impairment, but it's still too soon to be absolutely certain about that.

We thoroughly discussed whether or not there were tests that could be done that would show for certain if Milky has had a stroke or if something else has happened, possibly an inner ear problem. Dr. Shew says 1) He has no doubt whatsoever that it was a stroke and 2) The only place in our state that could do such sophisticated tests (which aren't always 100% certain) is the Purdue University Veterinary School, a long drive from here, and horribly expensive. Dr. Shew assured me that if he felt we should do that, he would recommend it, but he doesn't.

He said I can call him as many times a day as I want, and I can come visit Milky any time, but he wants to keep him hospitalized for several more days so he can keep a very close eye on him through the critical stage.

Let me tell you, when it rains, it pours. A month ago we had to install new air conditioning, and while all this is going on with Mr. Milky and my dad and my sister, our furnace has been leaking water all over the basement. I found out this morning that now we need a new furnace, $3,000 that we just don't have, especially after taking out a loan for the new air conditioning. So I hope you'll all forgive me if I start putting up all kinds of new Artsy Catsy products for sale on our blog - if I can find time to make them between caring for kitties and beans. :-) But whether you need any new Artsy Catsy kitty glitter or not, please know that I'm so very thankful to all of you for your caring friendship! There's just no way to express how very much it means to us.

Fri. Aug. 29: We just had to rush poor little Mr. Milky to the vet. He suddenly started crying and couldn't control his legs or stand, circling and falling all over the place and couldn't hold up his head. His pupils were completed contracted and his eyes were darting rapidly back and forth, his equilibrium destroyed. One minute he was fine, and the next was just terrible.

Dr. Shew is certain that Milky has suffered a stroke. He has hospitalized him, giving him steroids to counteract the inflammation and sedating him because he was terrified and maybe in pain. We won't know for at least 48 hours whether he's going to survive and whether or not this will leave him impaired.

I'm just devastated, and heartbroken for this magnificent kitty. We've worked so hard, with such generous help from all of you, to give Mr. Milky a better life, and now he has to go through this. It was so hard to say, but I told Dr. Shew that if Milky has another episode, or suddenly gets worse over the holiday weekend, and if he feels the merciful thing to do would be to let him go, he has my permission to help him to the Bridge even before calling me. I don't want this precious kitty to experience one single more painful minute in his life.

This courageous little guy needs all your purrs and prayers over the next few days. And if anyone has experience with a kitty suffering a stroke, I would welcome your advice. The Artsy Catsy human family could use a few purrs, too ... our father started radiation treatment for prostate cancer this week, and my sister Suzanne is disabled with a torn muscle in her rib cage. Not a good week.


P.S. You can read the story about how Mr. Milky came to us here.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

DemoCatic Convention

We love this guy!

Rocky: Hey Milky thing, did you hear that? He said, "People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power." So will you please stop your powermongering attacks on the rest of us?

Mr. Milky: Hmm ... how about "HillaBillaMilk 2012"?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Mr. Milky: No way! No how! No McCain!

Rocky: Senator Obama! What in the #!*? is that Milky thing doing at the Convention?? He's already taken over my living room, now he's trying to take over the party! You'd better fight back now, before you have to run against a "HillaMilk" ticket in 2012!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DemoCatic Convention

Rocky: Since we're such political animals, and since our headquarters have been invaded by that Milky thing, Fracas and I decided to get away for awhile and join the Mosaic Cats at the Democratic National Convention.

Fracas has joined Michelle Obama's personal security detail, keeping a serious eye on the Convention crowd to make sure he's the only fracas in the building ...

I'll be appearing at the Convention Thursday. In the meantime, I'm sticking like glue to Barack Obama on the campaign trail ...Senator Obama is kindly giving me a big shoulder to cry on about being one of millions of Americans losing their homes to bad mortgages and to Milky things. So he's definitely got my vote!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Not the Mama Monday

We are so pleased to honor our friend Mo, Not the Mama, who is one of the best friends kitties could ever have! Mo is always there to help with whatever needs to be done anywhere in the Cat Blogosphere, and he helps plenty of individual kitties on his own, too!

We love you, Mo, and are so thankful for your loving heart!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning ... NOT!!

Fracas: Not only is that Milky thing still holding my living room hostage ... he tried to attack me! So I'm never going in there again, no way, uh uh!He was in his kennel during one of our interview sessions, so I decided to nap on top of his kennel to make friends with him ... and he went crazy! I know it's because he's a tomcat and he's had to protect himself, but our whole staff is very upset and afraid of him, and our human artists are afraid he might hurt us.

Maybe he won't be so nuts when he gets his hoohahectomy, which is scheduled for a week from Monday, Sept. 1. Dr. Shew can do it sooner than expected because Milky is doing so well. He got the stitches out of his feet Friday ... and now he just wants to whap us all.

He's getting BIG, gaining lots of weight ...

... His hair is growing back ...

... And some of it is curly ...... And he has taken over OUR couch ... and made it all stinky! :-(

My human artist says she'll have to get our living room furniture professionally cleaned after we find a furever home for Mr. Milky, because he has sprayed everywhere. But the only problem is now he thinks MY mom is his mom and he wants to be on her lap all the time. Hmmm ... maybe if I can figure out how to get all scraggly and skinny and spray everywhere, she'll start letting ME on her lap all the time again??

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

Rocky: This morning my I demanded that human artist let my staff go into the living room to interview Mr. Milky. He has a big kennel in there that he no longer has to stay in now that he's feeling better, so she asked him to go into it while she let us into the room.

I'm pleased to report that none of my well-trained staff was rude to the new guy in any way ... well, except for Callie, but she's rude to everybody. There was not a single yowl, growl or hiss out of anycat from Artsy Catsy. I even taste-tested his water ...

Yum, pretty good ...

... but I think it needs a few more drops of Bach's Rescue Remedy, because that Milky guy needs to learn some interview skills. When he saw my staff, he freaked and went into yowling tomcat mode! Those hoo-hahs definitely gotta go! His vet says no hoohahectomy for at least 3 more weeks, but when my human artist takes Milky for his checkup tomorrow, I've ordered her to explain to Dr. Shew that those hoo-hahs are wreaking havoc with my peace of mind and productivity ... and, I'm the boss!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Woe is Me Wednesday

Rocky: Drat. Curses. Phooey. Bah humbug. Woe is me ...I'm pouting on my human artist's work because that Milky thing is still in my living room ... and I'm not ...She says she can't introduce us to the Milky intruder until he finishes his antibiotics and she's sure he isn't contagious in any way. He's getting better ... gaining weight, opening his eyes, growing some furs. In the meantime, I'm wallowing in misery.

We've also been having serious talks about whether or not Mr. Milky gets to join my staff. I reminded my human artist of her vow ... that we wouldn't hire more staff as long as Callie is with us, because she's 19 years old and gets upset easily. And we already have 8 cats and a woofie on our permanent staff here in our headquarters.

I've agreed that he can stay with us until he's all healthy again and not so scraggly looking and gets his hoohahectomy next month ... but after that, if one of our cat blogging friends would be interested in giving him a furever home ... would like to "Get Milk" ... my humans have agreed to drive him to his new home. My mom says it will break her heart to be without him, but she loves him enough to give him a better life than he might have here with us. And if he's with a cat blogging friend, he'll always be with her.

It's a difficult decision.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mancat Milky Monday

Mr. Milky: I'm pleased to report to all my wonderful friends and helpers that I had a happy, healing weekend! My eyes are better and I've been eating healthy homemade catfood (with antibiotics in it) and I'm gaining weight nicely. And I'm smiling because my surgery is healing and I can stand on my feet with no trouble now. And even though I'm not completely handsome yet, don't you think I look better than I did before I was loved?

Also, I learned how to use my litter pan properly ... and I learned how to play!
Ahhhhhhhh, yes ... life is good - finally!
Rocky: I'm NOT pleased to report that we still can't go into our living room, so we're on strike. However, I must admit, we have been getting lots of Temptations.
Callie: I've turned my back on the whole thing, so don't even think about speaking to me!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rest sweetly, dear Sprout
May 10, 2008 - August 10, 2008
Our thoughts and our love are with Sprout's grieving family on this difficult day, and we wish you hope in the midst of sorrow, comfort in the midst of pain.
Those we have held in our arms
for a little while,
We hold in our hearts

Friday, August 15, 2008

Purrs needed for Mr. Milky

Update 5:30 p.m.: The purrs worked! Milky is back home from the vet, who thinks it was just a little relapse. He did have fever, but it wasn't nearly as high as before. His feet are healing just fine, but Dr. Shew thinks they may just be irritated by Milky licking and pulling at his stitches. And he thinks the fever and eye oozing are just the systemic infection lingering from his feet and general poor health. He gave him another antibiotic injection, plus he'll be getting antibiotic liquid and antibiotic eye ointment both twice a day at home, then he goes back to Dr. Shew for a re-check early next week.

This little guy is just the sweetest, calmest kitty. As long as he's getting attention, he isn't rattled by anything, including riding in the car or seeing the vet. He just sits on my lap in the car and purrs as if he's enjoying every minute of someone caring about him. Thank you all so much for your caring support and generosity in helping us save this wonderful little creature!

Mom Sharolyn: Poor little Mr. Milky needs your purrs. He's had a relapse and has to go back to the vet this afternoon ...His eyes are oozing nasty stuff and he can barely open them, and he can hardly walk on his front feet, even though he's had no trouble with them after the surgeries until today. And he has a fever again.

The little guy was doing so well until today ... he even started using his litter pan all on his own. Please purr that Dr. Shew can help him - we're very worried.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mr. Milky: "I'm home!!"

Mr. Milky: I got to come back to Artsy Catsy yesterday evening, after almost a week at the vet hospital. Here I am on my way home ... I'm so happy to be loved that I don't even need a PTU; I just cuddled up and purred on my adoptive mom's lap ... Ahhh, yes, life is good ... even if I do have big blue stitches in my feets ...
I have to go back to the vet next week, but Dr. Shew says I can't get my vaccinations and hoohahectomy for at least four weeks. In the meantime, I get to stay in the Artsy Catsy living room, with all kinds of luxuries! I have a fleece pillow ...
And even though Dr. Shew gave me a bath, I'm washing and washing so I can get handsome again ...

And I have a nice, soft rug ...

And I'm getting lots of big, squishy cuddles ...

I even got a nip mousie as a get-well present, but I was scared to death of it!!

I'm trying to be very good, but I think I'm making some problems. They have a big cage in the living room for me, with a nice bed, my food and litter pan, but last night they gave me a chance to stay out of it. But my hoohahs made me spray all over the Artsy Catsy living room, and then I pooed and peed right in the middle of the couch ... oops, I think I blew it. Now I might have to go in the cage whenever someone isn't in the living room with me, but I don't mind.

And the Artsy Catsy kitties don't like me. The humans are trying to keep things calm by giving us all Bach's Rescue Remedy and Pet Naturals Calming Treats, and spraying At Ease Natural Herbal Calming Spray around the house and giving everybody lots of attention and nip. But Rocky is very upset ...

Rocky: Please let me come into my living room. Got Milk? Hah, I got WAY too much Milk! Milk has taken over my blog, my living room, my pillow, my rug, my couch and my mom's lap. I know real mancats don't cry, but ... well ... boohoohoohoo! :-(

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We will miss you, Felix ...

A very special kitty friend has gone to the Rainbow Bridge today. Felix, you will be sadly missed. We hope this poem will bring some comfort to your heartbroken Mommy Jenny and all your fur siblings at Whiskers and Purrs ...
The years I've worn you,
warm upon my shoulder,
ended here,
surprised to find us older.
And there was nothing
left to do today
but hold you close
and help you on your way.
Be still, my little cat,
be well; be free.
I know that you're somewhere near,
and loving me.
~ Lynette Combs

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Milky's Surgery

Mr. Milky: Look at this beautiful graphic my wonderful new friends at Zoolatry made specially for me!
Dr. Shew says my paw surgeries went perfectly and I'm going to be good as new! He didn't even have to put bandages on them. And even better, after I get wormed and bathed later today ... tomorrow I get to go back to Artsy Catsy!!

Now I have to focus on helping Artsy Catsy decide if I get to stay with them or if they're going to try to find me a furever home with someone who will love me and pamper me the same way they would. Rocky says, "No more staff - especially one who still has his hoo-hahs!" ... so could you please all tell him my hoo-hahs will be ectomied soon, so that's just a temporary condition?

Hugs and purrs to all my caring new friends who made my recovery possible! xoxoxo

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mr. Milky Update

Mr. GottFreed Milk (aka Milky): One of my Artsy Catsy moms came to visit me this morning at Dr. Shew's vet hospital, where I've been since Friday ... I loved all over her, and gave her an update on my care. Guess what!! I tested negative for both FeLV and FIP, so I don't have any serious diseases! And my fever is all gone!

The only thing is, today Dr. Shew is doing surgery on both my front feets. The infection caused granulated growths in both my paw pads that have to be treated like tumors and removed so my feets will get well. He says it will make my feets as good as new again, and no more bloody footprints!

I LOVE Dr. Shew and he loves me! He has been a veterinarian for 44 years and knows his stuff! He says I'm a very special kitty!

The best news is, I might get to go back to Artsy Catsy tomorrow or Wednesday, after I get all cleaned up! The humans are making a place for me to recover in their living room so I don't have to stay outside. I hear Rocky is objecting, but I think I can make him like me, or at least tolerate me until we make a decision about a furever home. I'll still be seeing a lot of Dr. Shew, though, because I can't get my hoohaectomy or my vaccinations until I'm all recovered from everything else.

And guess what! I might get to be a celebrity! Artsy Catsy is sending out press releases about me to the local and national news media and to the people who created the "Got Milk?" advertising campaign! I don't care about fame, though - I'm just happy to be loved and safe for the first time in my life (I'm 2-3 years old, Dr. Shew says). But Artsy Catsy says it's important for people to know how the Cat Blogosphere and individual people work to save sick, scraggly, neglected kitties like me.

They also want the "Got Milk?" people to know that their advertising campaign not only sold milk ... it also helped me get recognized and saved!

This is me smiling and smiling for all the caring and generous people all over the world who have donated to help pay Dr. Shew. He doesn't have an estimate yet, but he says since I'm such a special kitty he's keeping the bill "down to a dull roar" so all of you have made it possible for me to get the best vet care in the world ... and I LOVE YOU ALL!!

I also want to add my love and purrs to those of everybody at Artsy Catsy for little Sprout's family in this tragic time. My adopted mom is going home now to make some donations and come up with some ideas to help bring them some small comfort.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sad Sunday

Little Sprout, a precious child taken too soon ...
we send your family our most heartfelt condolences
and are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mr. Milky

(Scroll down for NEW SATURDAY UPDATE!)
My name is Milky ... and I'm a mess ...
Even I don't know where I came from, but I decided a few days ago to live on Artsy Catsy's front porch because I was starving and sick with sores and bald patches all over me. Rumor in the 'hood is that these human artists will take in all creatures great and small. See - no matter how dirty and stinky and infected I am, they cuddle me on the front porch glider ... First they treated me for fleas, then they gave me my name, Mr. Milky, because of my "Got milk?" moustache (but my runny, infected eyes keep drooling on my handsome moustache.) :-( And they don't mind that my swollen, infected front paws make bloody footprints all over their porch. My humans say my paws smell rotten and they're very worried about them, but they love on me anyway.I'm so happy that some beans are finally taking care of me that I keep kneading the air with my paws, no matter how much it hurts.

Today at 4:30 the human artists are taking me to the vet to get tests and treatments and see if he can make me well and handsome again. And if he thinks he can, then I'm getting a hoohaectomy, because my hoo-hahs are all swollen and hurty. I'm going to ask him if I can have a bath, too, because I'm SO filthy and crusty!

I know you don't know me very well, but I'm an okay guy - or at least I will be soon - and I'm wondering if I can ask you a favor? My timing wasn't very good - I was desperate - so I moved in to Artsy Catsy when their green papers were kinda short. They're not comfortable asking for help, so I'm asking for them. If anyone could spare just one or two green papers toward my vet bills, you can help me pay my own way, and I think it would make my new humans so happy and grateful!

I can't type yet because of my rotten paws, but Rocky agreed to put up a PayPal donation button for me (even though he doesn't like me at all.) Thank you so much - even just a few cents will mean so much to me and my adoptive humans! And I'll have Rocky update you as soon as I get home from the vet.

Update Sat. Aug. 9:

Dr. Shew says even though I still have some fever, I'm responding to antibiotics and feeling better! I won't get tested for FIP and leukemia until Monday because he's focusing on my infection and my poor feet, but he thinks chances are slim I'll test positive because I'm getting better. He just wants me to rest and recover over the weekend.

He says my front feet are so damaged it might require surgery, but he'll have a better idea about that by Monday. He isn't certain what might have happened to my feet, but he's wondering if there's a chance they might have been burned. I don't remember, because I'm trying to forget my past life, now that I've found out there's such a miraculous thing as loving humans and kitties who care about me and are helping with my vet bills and would never, never, ever abuse or neglect me or any other kitty ever again!

Monday is going to be a big day for me. Besides having a better idea about what it will take to get my feet well, and getting more tests, I'm also getting wormed and bathed and cleaned up ... and I might even get to go back to Artsy Catsy if I don't have to have surgery!

Thank you all SO much for helping me!

Update 5:15 p.m. Fri. Aug. 8 (dictated by Mr. Milky to Rocky by phone) ...

I've been admitted to the vet hospital for this weekend. Nice Dr. Shew said I had a high fever and probably infection throughout my system from my foot pads and my eyes. My toe pads are horribly infected, swollen three times their normal size with no skin on them at all. Dr. Shew also said my front legs are deformed from malnutrition and that the areas where my furs have turned brown are from malnutrition and sun exposure.

He's going to give me massive amounts of antibiotics and other medications and treat my poor feet over the weekend, plus run blood tests and also test me for feline leukemia, FIP and other diseases. Dr. Shew says I'm not a young kitty, but I'm not geriatric either, but I've had a terrible life so far, and if he can get all the infection cleared up, he might be able to save me for a better life the rest of my years!

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for helping me out - This is the first time in my life that anyone has ever cared about me! xoxoxo

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thank You Thursday

Fracas: I am just so full of thank you's today it's making my toes curl!
First, I want to thank all our wonderful, caring friends for your purrs & purrayers for our Grandpa Bob. We all know the magical, healing power of the purr, so we have faith that his bone scan tomorrow is going to bring only good news!

Next, I want to personally thank our new friend Sally who painted this magnificent portrait of me:Isn't it amazing? Sally saw my photo on our blog and emailed us for permission to paint me and mail my mom a print. She is a talented artist who loves cats and I encourage you all to visit her web site, Pastels by Sally to see her incredible work.

And I want to thank another new friend, Alice, who posted our blog picture of my mom's daughter Tiffany on her web site, Our Cats Pictures. This is a web site you simply can't miss! It's a cat community site, where you can join and share your pictures, thoughts, questions and experience. And there are active forums and a major blog where all members can post. You'll love it!

Next, I thank yet some more new friends, Colby & Cheddar and their mom Viv for their excellent review of Artsy Catsy and my mom's cat greeting cards on their kitty product review blog, The Cheezits, and coming up soon on Cool Moms Rule. If you want to stay on top of new products for kitties and moms, these sites are must-reads!

Thank you all so much!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Purrs & Purrayers for Grandpa Bob

Rocky: I'm very upset today, and so are my humans. We just learned that my wonderful Grandpa Bob has prostate cancer. Here he is with my mom Sharolyn and her sister, my Aunt Suzanne ...
We're very relieved that Grandpa Bob's CAT scan showed no evidence of it spreading to his organs. Now he goes Friday for a bone scan to make sure it hasn't spread to his bones, then sees a radiology oncologist next week to start daily radiation for 7-9 weeks.

Could we ask all our friends to please keep Grandpa Bob in your purrs and purrayers? And to purr extra, extra hard that the cancer hasn't spread to his bones. I think my humans sure could use a few purrs, too. They lost their mother, my beautiful Grandma Em, to breast cancer just a few years ago, and now their father has cancer and they're so worried about him. They love you so much, Grandpa Bob!