Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hey there, your cat Fracas here ...

... but you can call me Frack or Frackywack or Frickyfrack or even Frackles ... just as long as you CALL ME! (lol, haha, chuckle, chortle) Executive Vice President in charge of Sales, Marketing, PR, Product Development, Company Morale, Keeping Callie under Control ... whatever, I'm your man!!!! :-)

I'm here today to get you revved about what I've got my humans doing. You gotta tread softly with these artistic types (Focus, people, FOCUS!) but I had some good raw material here. Take for instance my human, Sharolyn. Man, she's a pawful! (AwfulPawful, I call her behind her back.) :-) But is this girl good with gourds, or what!! Check this out, dudes:
I used my purrfect PR skills to get her an interview in Crafts Report Magazine awhile back:

And, man oh man, am I primo or what? :-) I put that girl down in history when I got her a gig as an artist involved in the World's First Gourd Quilt:
Yessireebobcat, that quilt is made entirely of 4" pieces of gourd!! Here's the piece my girl AwfulPawful did:

You can read all about it at Anyhoo, I've got her working on some absolutelyfantasmagorical gourd artwork for you cat lover types out out there. She's also into beaded cat jewelry, bookmarks, cat memorials, wall plaques ... you name it! You cat lovers want it, we got it, all coming up soon, so stay tuned!!

But wait!! There's more!!! So I'll keep my tail in your door and we'll catch you later with hot news about my other artsygirl, Suzanne, and my main art man, Jason, and give you a sneak peak at their ArtsyCatsy work.

Later, babe! Luv ya!!!!!!!!


Christine and FAZ said...

Good luck with the business guys.

Anonymous said...

wow! wow! WOW! we love it!!!

Anonymous said...

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