Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Message from CEO Rocky

With all the activity since my human's daughter Tiffany arrived here from Italy, this is the first chance I've had to get my paws on the 'puter. It's been non-stop fun, fun, fun and NO work, work, work whatsoever! Let me recap for you the activities that have cast my work schedule woefully to the wind.

On May 2, my human Sharolyn met Tiffany at the airport and spent six days with her in Indianapolis! You'll note in this representative photo that I am not there. I was left here, without my mom, with only her sister Suzanne to meet my every need, and as everyone knows, it takes more than one person to meet my needs. This is unacceptable.
Therefore, when they arrived back home, I promptly bit Tiffany and leapt into my mom's lap for head squiggles, where I've tried (unsuccessfully) to remain ever since. Since my mom is continually in motion -- planning parties, preparing for a recital Tiffany will be performing, even going to spend a day with some Tibetan monks of all things, her lap is rarely available to me. This, too, is unacceptable.

Then, no sooner did I begin to accept these intrusions into my life, look what Suzanne brought into my house! Hey, this is a serious business here, not a freaking rodeo!! I'm told Suzanne has been selected to paint this colt as part of a city-wide promotion for Swope Art Gallery, similar to the Cows on Parade promotion in Chicago. It's called Horsing Around In Terre Haute (appropriate for what's been going on at our house) and celebrates our city's pride as the host city of the Indianapolis Colts' training camp. Suzanne has been hired by Union Hospital to paint the colt wearing surgical scrubs and a stethoscope.

Of course, I must snoopervise this important project. How do I get this thing to take me on a test gallop around the yard? With a cloud of dust and a hearty hi-ho Silver, away ...
Giddyup, I said!! Humph, trying to get this worthness old nag to move is as difficult as trying to get my staff to work! Again, unacceptable.
Then when things calmed down from turning my home into a stable, Tiffany turned it into picnic grounds and invited scores of people over for a cookout. Here's Suzanne awaiting the invasion of humans that would freak the rest of my cat staff out so badly they hid in closets through the whole affair.

And here are the first of the human onslaught gathered around my backyard pond. Please note my absence during this 7-hour affair. Oh, right, my mom did take me outside once in my harness from Lilly Lu, but the noise these humans were making finally freaked me out and I when I started thrashing like a kite at the end of my harness, I was hustled back inside. Completely unacceptable!!

I tell you, I'm so exhausted from all this pointless activity that I think I'll spend the rest of Tiffany's visit in an extended corporate snooze!


Carolina Cats said...

Gee, Rocky, it sure is good to heer from you. We was getting furry werryd. That's terruble abowt all those beans invading and efurrything. You mite want to rethink the hiding-owt deal tho. Sometimes vistors are good for ekstra treets!

Keep in touch!
Finny & Buddy

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Um, wuz der food involved in dis aktifity? Cuz I'll come out and be kyoote fur food~Zippy

Daisy said...

Oh Rocky, thank you for the update! I was getting a little worried about you too. But it turns out you were just involved in a social swirl! How exciting!

I am very happy that your mom got to visit with Tiffany, I'll bet she had lots and lots of fun.

And painting the colt sounds also very exciting! I hope you will show a picture of the colt when he is all painted up. He looks a little bare, now.

You get some rest now!

HRH Yao-Lin said...

Good to hear from you. Your humans are acting in a completely unacceptable manner. You must discipline them. When you wake up. You look exhausted! x

LZ said...

Things have been very busy for you! Certainly things will settle back to normal and you will get the attention you demand!!


Aloysius said...

Wow, you've had a very busy week. I love those pictures of you on the horse.

The Meezers or Billy said...

you is riding a horse!!!! was it cool!!!

We hadded horses like that a few years ago - Mommy wented "horse hunting" to take pikshurs of them. she saided it was lots of fun!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

We kept coming over and checking on you kitties. we were hoping it was something fun... but really! this is
such a disappointment to learn that you have been suffering at the hands of these humans. Good gosh, what are they doing there in the back garden?
I am glad you had sufficient closet space to hide and protect yourselves.

the horse is kinda cool. Makes a nice lookout perch. Maybe your mom can put a really nice floofy saddle on it. giddy-yupppp

Hot(M)BC said...

Gee, Rocky, it sounds like you've been having a hard time. It's so hard to train beans. *sigh*
At least yall got horses for Terre Haute. You can sit on them if nothing else, as you proved. We had fishies here for Richmondand NONE of them were edible. Talk about cruelty to cats.
We hope things improve for you soon.
Gree, Sanjee, Mini, Boni Maroni and Pepi

Fat Eric said...


Sorry, but those pictures of you sitting on the horse are so funny!


Just Ducky said...

Wow you are sooooo busy. Is your mum going to paint kitties on the horsie?

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

I'm so sorry things have been rocky for Rocky! (Ha ha ha!) Really, though, it should get better from here, right??

DK & The Fluffies said...

Fiona says hi - BTW we can't wait to see how mum paints the horse

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Rocky, so sorry to hear you haven't been getting all the attention you deserve. That horse statue is very cool - will you share a photo with us when it's been painted? Both your human and her daughter are very pretty.

Mr. Hendrix said...

sigh, poor Rocky, on the plus side, mommy had a boss that lived in an "extended corporate snooze" and he made lots more money than she did.
Sorry you're having such a tough time. Sometimes it is hard to rein (get it?) those beans in.
It is very impuressive that Tiffany gets to paint the horsy. That is quite an honor.

Tara said...

You had a great weekend! Riding that horse looks like lots of fun! And you deserved that good nap! Good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you could ride so well! Great shots on that horse. I think they should sculpt a little you on to the top of it!

Christine and FAZ said...

Rocky, you have been busy and I did not know you were a rodeo cat in your spare time - very impressive. FAZ
p.s. we had those painted cows in Geneva as well, the girl human really liked them and took loads of pictures (that is until she walked into one on her way home in the middle of the night).

Karen Jo said...

My, you have had a busy time of it. You look great on that colt. I also would like to see a picture of it when it is finished. I hope things get back to normal for you fairly soon.

Phoebe said...

Well, Rocky, I see what you mean about things getting out of hand in your household. Perhaps you can take this time to have a corporate planning session with all the cat staff. You could have one of those interactive specialists come to have you practice good communication and such.

Tiger Lily said...

Whoa! Sure sounds as if your life has been upended quite badly. I hope things settle down for you soon.

I'm having a 1000th visitor contest at my blog. I'd love to have you visit.

muffinmidi said...

Hi Rocky,
Having all those strange humans invade your territory must ahve ben awful. Then to be paraded around in a harness- the ultimate humiliation for mancats like us...
That was a cool picyure of you riding that horse. Ihope you print a picture of him when he's all done
Here in West Palm beach a local charity has sponsored two of those painted animal programs. One was of alligators and the other was of native wildlife (gators, manatees.
flamingos and sea turtles.
My Mommy saw them on display and really liked them.
What kind of recital is Tiffany performing in? Did he bring Stinky with her?

Parker said...

I hope we get to see a photo of the horsey!

Carolina Cats said...

Hey Rocky, we tagged you for the 7 Random things meme that efurrycat is doing! Come by owr blog for the rools and stuff.

Finny & Buddy

Mr. Chen and Ollie said...

Wow! What a lot of activity you have had. Those photos of you on the horsey are great. We can't wait to see it all painted up and agree with Derby that it should be painted with images of you kitties.
Mr. Chen & Ollie
ps. our mommy is excited that your human went to see tibetan monks! Any photos of that?

Anonymous said...

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