Saturday, May 19, 2007

Snoopervising Saturday

Okay, I'm starting to get into all the activity around here -- parties, receptions, people in & out that I can sit on, headbutt and bite. I especially like snoopervising putting everything away after grocery shopping!On Thursday, my mom left again to take Tiffany to Indianapolis to audition for the Indianapolis Opera. I'm told they were very impressed with her audition. Then they stayed there overnight to pick up Tiffany's piano accompanist, Dr. Karol Sue Reddington, at the Indianapolis airport when she flew in from Chicago. Karol Sue was Tiffany's childhood piano instructor, and she debuted in Carnegie Hall in 2002. Tiffany is so excited that Karol Sue will be accompanying her at her opera performance this Sunday! And I'm excited that she's staying with us, because she loves cats!

Tomorrow my mom's dad and stepmother are coming in from Louisville to also stay with us and go to Tiffany's concert. And they love cats, too, so I'll have even more laps to sit on!! Then we'll have a houseful of people after the concert. But early Monday morning my mom & Tiffany are taking Karol Sue back to Indianapolis for her flight back to Chicago and staying overnight for Tiffany to catch her flight back to Italy on Tuesday morning. I think I should be allowed to go with them on these airport trips -- I like air!! In fact, I think I should be allowed to go EVERYWHERE my mom goes. It would be easy if she'd just get me one of these:This would be ideal, don't you think? It would be just like velcro-ing me to my mom, which is my favorite position in the world!!