Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Oh no! More contaminated pet food!

Texas lab finds pain medicine in pet food

Click on this post's title for the full story, but the FDA is investigating a Texas laboratory’s finding of acetaminophen in cat and dog food … the highest level found is eight times what a 10-pound cat could safely consume!

The story says, "The pain medication is the fifth contaminant found in pet foods during the past 2-1/2 months and can be toxic or lethal to pets, especially cats."

FIVE?? We knew about melamine and cyanuric acid, but what are the other three??

At least five dog and cat food samples tested contained acetaminophen, and these five were NOT among the 150+ brands recalled since March.

The highest level of acetaminophen was found in a dog food sample submitted by a manufacturer ... who got the results well over a month ago and was supposed to notify the FDA, but they DIDN’T DO IT!

I say it's time for a massive uprising against the pet food industry!


Anonymous said...

Do we know which cat and dog foods they were testing? That's really scary.

Artsy Catsy said...

Chey, the article didn't state which foods, other than mentioning a nonspecified Pet Pride dog food, which is a Kroger brand.

It's unforgivable that they discover lethal toxins in our pet food and then don't bother to let pet owners know until months later ... if then.

Karen Jo said...

This is simply horrible news. How in the world are dog and cat people to know what to feed their furry friends? It is shameful that the unnamed manufacturer failed to notify the FDA.

Anonymous said...

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