Wednesday, June 6, 2007

UPDATE on new toxin in pet food

An ABC station in Texas reports that experts warn that the contaminated pet food scare could be far worse than first thought. The doctor in charge of EperTox lab in Deer Park, Texas, who found acetaminophen in dog and cat food samples, believes the problems with pet food are far from over.

Even more disturbing is there are no regulations that require manufacturers or labs to make it public when they find lethal toxins in pet food - in fact, quite the opposite! As the ABC report states,

"Due to a confidentiality agreement, the lab cannot reveal which pet food samples tested positive for the drugs. At least on sample was Pet Pride cat food [Kroger's house brand.] All test results were reported to the pet food makers, which should have been reported to the FDA. [but were NOT.]

"It may be up to owners to police pet food because, according to the lab manager, no one from the FDA has investigated their positive findings. In fact, to date not a single government inspector has asked to look at one of the tainted pet food samples tested in this laboratory."


Christine and FAZ said...

What is going on? This is very worrying. FAZ

Anonymous said...

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