Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mancat & Meme

Humph. On Friday, my human artist left us and went out of town supposedly for a day - but she just got back this morning. I swear, you can't believe anything humans tell you! Here I am begging her not to leave; obviously that didn't work ...While she was gone, Moki tagged us for the Book Meme. Since my human artist is busy trying to catch up on everything that didn't get done while she was gone -- including tallying up our March fundraisers for Moki, Lilly Lu and Project H.A.M. so we can send their checks to them -- I'm left to handle the meme myself. Well, at least I know it'll get done right!

Here are the rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people and post a comment to Moki once you have posted it.

By the way, this meme will show you what a weirdo my human artist is. The title of the book is "The Cosmic Code: Book VI of the Earth Chronicles" and here is the excerpt:

"Therefore, Anu declared, Adapa would be initiated into the secret knowledge of the gods. He showed him the celestial expanse, "from the horizon of heaven to heaven's zenith." He would be allowed to return to Eridu safe and sound, and there would be initiated by the goddess Ninkarrak into the secrets of "the ills that were allotted to Mankind, the diseases that were wrought upon the bodies of mortals," and taught by her how to heal such ailments."

Why she persists in reading such stuff is beyond me, since I'm perfectly capable of revealing the secrets of the cosmos to her, as proven in my post Close Encounters of the Kitty Kind. And I'm sure Jack can provide any knowledge I might not have!

I'm simply too disgruntled to come up with five kitties who haven't already done the Book Meme, and I need to go snoopervise the bookkeeping, so I'm just going to tag my space pal Jack. Humph.


Anonymous said...

Rocky, our Mom left us last weekend, too. How RUDE! We kept calling her & calling her and she just ignored us.

How your Mom could leave a face like yours is just beyond our imagination.

Congratualtions on your 200th post!!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

I am glad your person is back and that you get her whipped into shape soon!

Robyn Harton & The (Mostly) Badass Cat said...

Humans are so tuff to deel wif sumtimes. Concats on yore 200th post!

Tybalt said...

Rocky, I don't know how you do it. How do you keep your patience with your human? I salute you, Sir!

The Whiskers and Purrs Gang said...

Dearest Rocky,
We feel your pain. Our mommy sucks sometimes. We will say a big prayer for you.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang

samm81 said...

I have not been tagged yet! My owner (but not my mom) has to go away every week because his parents are divorced.

I have a grand total of 2 posts!

I'm on my way to 200.


samm81 said...

3 posts now. I did the book meme.


DK & The Fluffies said...

Hi handsome - did you see my Adoratail? ~Fi

Honey P. Sunshine said...

yur face is so cute!

Moki The Wobbly Cat said...

Oh Rocky, we are so glad to hear that your human artist has returned! Imagine that leaving you for days on end. How dare your human! Have you made plans to get even?

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

I finally put the greeting cards from you on my blog, thank you~!!!

You look very very cute, Rocky~!!

Mr. Hendrix said...

how could she leave with that face you have?? silly mommy.

i'm going to pretend that we were tagged for the Book Meme even tho everyone else is reading stuff lots more interesting than my mommy!

Quasi said...

The female left us last week, too, and things went to hell around here pretty quickly. She's back now. I think I'll have to make eyes at her so she doesn't leave again.

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Oh da rudeness of da momeez iz gettin' unforgivabull! Dere excusez iz ridiccyyoulus.
We didz like your meme...but yes, I agree, da writin' iz a itty-bitty out dere.

Dr T

Anonymous said...

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